Author Topic: Visible If Parameter Use To Show When Image Input Is Not Null  (Read 1398 times)

So, I want to have multiple image inputs in my substance which I am using in Unity(Visible If does work in unity unlike what other sources say). The problem is that having multiple inputs doesn't look clean so I want to hide an input until the user fills a shown one. I have read the documentation on it and there isn't enough information to tell me how to do this or if it is even possible. I have tried:

input["Image"]!=input["NULLImage"]     -I created another image input that was left empty called "NULLImage"
and many more that I cant think of right now. But, this one had a different result, it did hide the input but when i filled the shown input, the hidden one was never shown:

Would like to bump this thread, because I ran into a similar issue, and after an hour of googling and searching the forums I finally give up.

I have four input nodes, and four colours, and I only want the colour selector fields to show up when there's no image selected. Tried everything I could think of, and SD always tells me there's an error. Is there maybe some kind of attribute that one could check? Like 'input["in0"].image==0'?

Hey, sadly we don't have any way to know if something is connected to an input or not.

Ah, bummer. But thanks for the quick reply.