Author Topic: Hand-painted wood planks  (Read 3811 times)

Hi guys,

I just wanted to quickly share a texture I'm experimenting with. I'm trying to emulate a hand-painted style wood-plank. One thing that really helps is to have a reference - hand-painted styles are all very different and having an image to refer back to helps keep focus. So far I think its looking good, I'll be coming back and tweaking it later this week.

The main area to tweak is the edges of the planks, I need to add wear and make them less even. I'll have to figure out some masking options for creating that though. I may also try and add some knots to the wood.

Any tips and critiques welcome!
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Really nice start.  Good color variation.

Thanks! Here is an updated version.

I am working on creating a control to dynamically show the nails/# of planks. Lots of trouble-shooting though, heh. I may release the graph soon to see if anyone can provide some feedback and optimization help. 

I'm also working on a stone tile in this same style but am having trouble keeping the style consistent and look more "cartoony" versus realistic.

Good color pallet. Nice definition of older wood,
I suggest less of it this and some more fine details of wood grain besides the old wear detail.
The dark/black lining should come from rendering oa, shadows and dirt passes.
So here I'd make them less dark and just desaturate. Here and there black is ok.