Author Topic: Scatter / Tile Generator mask input points.  (Read 3161 times)

Not sure if this is something that is possible with another node or whether it's something that other people would like to be able to do as well, posting here for some discussion before I head over to UserVoice :P

What I'd really like to be able to do is scatter some input so that the input is only placed within the masked areas. I guess I'd like to mask the points that the input is placed on, so that the whole input is still placed down on those points.


Currently using Tile Generator with a Disc input and a Blend node set to Multiply, what I'd really like to do is apply the mask to the positions of the inputs so that the result is only whole discs, either based on the centre point of the input or whether the whole input fits within the mask - I just want to get rid of the partially masked inputs is all!

Does that make any sense whatsoever? ;)

I guess I was only thinking about a black / white mask input, but if it was a gradient, you could potentially use that to control other params of the Tile Generator / Scatter node too, such as "scale by mask intensity" or "random mask amount by mask intensity" etc?

This works already with the Tile Sampler node. And you can feed it with masks for driving other parameters aswell.

Oh my! Well now I feel stupid heh. Thanks! :D