Author Topic: Exporting texture as a flat image?  (Read 2979 times)

I'm fairly very new to Substance designer, but I have really been enjoying it. Using the graph system is much faster, easier and better than my previous solution of trying to create textures in Photoshop. At the moment however, I don't require/can't use the substance as a material, and would like to be able to export it as a flat image, as opposed to several layers for use in unity, etc. Any way I could do this, or is there a way I could do it after exporting it to a PSD?


There is a floppy disk icon on your 2d view to save the bitmap

You just want the textures as images? Right click the graph name (not the .sps, but the actual substance within the sps) and export outputs as images. It lets you chose a folder, and names the files automatically according to the usage.