Author Topic: Can't get reflectivity in spec/gloss workflow  (Read 1646 times)

Hi there

I'm working with CryEngine which utilises the specular/glossyness map workflow, usually I use photoshop/crazy bump, but am trying out Substance Designer/Painter to see if it can be more effective.


I'm having trouble getting any reflectiveness/shinyness going in my 3D viewport in the spec/glossyness workflow

For instance in the most basic setup

-Black/grey diffuse/albedo

-Pure white specular

-Pure white glossyness

-no Normal map

and yet the 3D viewport shows a nonreflective matt grey/black cube...

Is this normal or a bug? Is there something obvious im missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey guys,

about which 3D Viewport you are talking about? Substance Designer?
You probably need to switch the Shader from Metal/Rough to Spec/Gloss.

In the Viewport-Toolbar:
View -> Default -> Definitions -> Use The Shader you want. (In your case: physically_specular_glossiness)

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