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I`m trying to setup a graph to use nyronic`s randomizer, see graph attached.

I don`t understand why i`m getting the tile joint randomized inside the square tiles.
Ant help would be greatly appreciated.

Don't plug your grooves normal map into it. That's only for if you need to rotate a normal map in sync with the diffuse rotation. For example, imagine if you had a very rough looking texture with a rough normal map, you would want this to be synced up with the rotated output. I hope this makes sense.

Instead just apply the grooves normal on their own, as you don't need to rotate them.

Thanks worked perfectly

No problem! I put together a quick example as well just in case there's any confusion as to the purpose of plugging in a normal.


Diffuse Input + Normal Input

Tile Groove Normal:

Rotated Diffuse Output:

Rotated Normal Output, combined with the Tile Grooves Normal using a Normal Combine node:

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Thanks again, great node  :)

I cannot get this graph 100%, i have attached the graph and dependencies, if i can get some help to setup it would be greatly appreciated.

The graph has been made just not sure where to place the randomizer node.