Author Topic: Vehicle Modeling with Substance In Mind  (Read 1304 times)


I am modeling a car with doors, interior parts, exterior parts as separate objects from the body fully unwrapped.  When I bring this into Substance, should I merge everything as a single object?  Or keep everything separate with their own individual material assigned and let substance separate by Material?

I'm curious if this is the best approach as I do not want to bring in each object one at a time into substance.

Also, if I have duplicate objects such as the tires, I imagine I will merge just 1 tire, then duplicate the other 3 when Im done painting one?  The only reason I do not like this is because I would like to see my car in full object mode while painting in Substance. 

What is a good workflow for this?  Im using 3D Max.


It will depend on how many different UVs you have for the car, I would recommend separating materials per UV. If everything fits on the same UV, then use only one material.
For duplicated parts such as the wheels, you should probably just import all the wheels with overlapping uvs or with 1 wheel in your regular UV and the 3 others offset outside the [0,1] uv space so you don't get baking issues.

Thanks for replying, let me ask you this.  So its better if everything is attached as one object but separated by elements?  I can keep the UVs assigned to their own Material ID such as the car paint as Material 1, on the Multisub, Glass as Material 2, Tires as Material 3, etc.  All while the UVs are setup on the 0,0 UV plane.  But the entire car is one object.

Is that what you're suggesting or close to your workflow?