Author Topic: help with hex tile pattern - with rand luminosity  (Read 1969 times)

hi guys, not really sure how to go about achieving this result..

I've tried using tile generator, but can't get the tiling right - uneven gaps between the tiles.
I've also tried FX map with random luminosity but I'm very new to it (just started playing with it yesterday) and I couldn't make it work either haha, I get the same problem with the uneven spacing between the tiles :[

attached an image where the tiling works perfectly but no idea how to add random luminosity if using that method.
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You're off to a good start! It looks like your fxmap is producing a 4/4 grid? Hexagon tiles won't quite tile into a square without some warping, so that might be why your spaces aren't right. Try making it a 7/8 grid, instead. I've found this matches very closely to proper hexagon proportions.

thank you Cory, I guess I was just approaching this wrong when tried to tile to a square.
I was able to use tile generator node to get the pattern.
I'm using an odd number for 'tiles X', for 'tiles Y' I use X+1, set the steps to 2 so the tiling would always look right.  I can then use all the good stuff in the tile generator node for luminosity variation and masking etc..

Looks great!