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I'm about to pull my hair out in anxiety. I'm baking all the preset maps in substance painter 2 except ID and thickness at 4k resolution over 2 UDIM texture maps, and its been 30 mins already at 70% completion. Note this is for just a few pieces of armor for my character, so it's not even the whole person! Is it normal to take this long?? I'm afraid if I abort the process now painter will just crash, and at the same time i dont want to be stuck on this all day.

Try baking everything but the AO first.
The AO is what is going to take most of the time, depending on your settings.
Are you using Antialiasing for the bakes?

Yes. I've been told by a friend that only normal maps are the most important thing to to have 8x AA for. I've already baked out normals and am doing the rest at 2x but its still taking awhile, and like you inferred, it's stuck on AO

The AO baker with anti-aliasing can be very long indeed. Without AA, how long does it take in your case ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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probably like 15 mins. Since creating this thread I've been made aware of SP's baking by name convention and I've started another thread regarding my issue with the software just crashing when trying to bake using that method.