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After talking to Wes we decided to start an official Sketchfab thread to share our latest developments with you. We'll use it sparingly, just to share our most important updates. For more frequent news, visit our blog.

We have some good stories coming, so stay tuned!


Bart / Sketchfab
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Halloween 2015 Contest: Haunted House

It’s that time of the year again when the weather gets cold, leaves turn brown and unspeakable things awaken from their slumber.. Join us for a visit to the Haunted Houses of Halloween! Great prizes await inside for those brave enough.

The Challenge

Create a Haunted House scene - add all the classical elements of a scary atmosphere, ghosts, skeletons and, well, unpleasant things in general. Your scene could be an interior or exterior, or both! It’s up to you to find the best way to scare us.

We have over $600 in prizes, find out details of this contest on:


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Hey guys!

Exciting news, we're released animation for everyone. Just upload an FBX file and see the magic!

Read all about it on our blog:

Can't wait to see what you create!
-the Sketchfab team

Thats awesome!

Happy New Year guys!

We're excited to start the year with a major milestone - we've reached 500,000 models uploaded. That's thanks to you!

Check the story and share how many models you contributed!

Thank you!
-the Sketchfab team

congrats guys ;-)

Hey guys,

Exciting news: Sketchfab has gone VR!

With our new Cardboard VR button, Sketchfab has become the easiest way to view your designs in Virtual Reality. You can literally publish your model to Sketchfab and view it on your Cardboard in under a minute.

As Cardboard relies on mobile devices, there are some extra things to keep in mind. Learn all about designing for Cardboard in our latest tutorial:

Read all about our plans for VR on the blog:

Have fun!
-the Sketchfab team

We have just updated our 3DS Max exporter. New features include support for animation and draft mode, and an easier and more secure way to log in to your Sketchfab account.

And there’s more: Developer Klaas Nienhuis’ latest 3ds Max tool, OptionsOptions, is now also in beta. It generates Sketchfab ‘configurator’ mini websites that allow users to customise model appearance.

Check the story here:

Hey guys!
Our newest feature on Sketchfab is Collections!

Now everyone can curate their own selection of art, whether its picking the best low-poly models, highly crafted dragons or teaching a class about Ancient Rome.

More on the blog:!


Hey guys!
Exciting news! Today, we got integrated into Steam!

You can now drop a URL into your Steam Greenlight, Workshop, Community and the Store, and it will become an interactive, 3D embed. \o/

Full details are on our blog


Hey Everyone!

We're excited to announce that we've made another leap forward that will help you show off your work and discover the work of others. Thanks to our WebVR integration it's now possible to explore every one of the close-to-a-million scenes uploaded by you – our community – in VR on mobile (Cardboard, GearVR) AND on desktop with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

To make exploring in VR easier we've added our VR Launcher allowing you to browse scenes without leaving the googles, VR teleportation to move around scenes with ease and a VR Scene Editor to simply and quickly set up your models for the best possible viewing experience in VR.

Check out our site to see how you can now export from Blender and instantly view your work in VR!

We're pleased to announce today that we are now officially supported on Twitter. Sketchfab 3D and VR files now natively work in the Twitter Timeline just by sharing a link. That's another great way to share your work with the world!

Congrats ;-)