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So I'm fairly new to Designer and am trying to create a forest floor texture for a class.  My current final heightmap is being input into a HBAO ambient occlusion node then straight into my AO output.  However, the AO map has some really odd streaks going through it that are showing up in the material.

Also, sorry it's a bit messy still.  I have some pretty large changes to make to it still.

When you see this kind of artefacts, 99% of the cases it's because the height map misses precision. In your case it probably means there is node that quantized the data down to 8bit at some point.

I regularly see people having Blend nodes where the background input is unplugged: this is a typical cause of precision loss because in that case the blend node bit depth it decreased to 8bit.
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Thank you!  The plants were initially height maps I exported out of zbrush then brought into Photoshop to crop to a square.  Turns out I had the color of my photoshop document set to 8-bit by accident (Just finished doing pixel art for global game jam) then also had an unplugged blend node on top of that.