Author Topic: Long time for creation of thumbnails, what to do?  (Read 9017 times)

I'm glad you found the source of the issue. :)
Yes, you don't need a compatibility mode for running Painter. Running in administrator is also not advised, because that will block you from importing files into the shelf (by drag and drop).
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Gosh, you're right, I just tried it. So I better deactivate the administrator rights for Substance Painter. Thank you for this advise, I would certainly have been puzzled again soon because I use the drag 'n drop very often...

Apart from this Substance Painter seems to run stable without that compatibility mode. I don't even know where this setting (compatibility mode Windows 8) comes from. Is it possible it was a remain from an earlier Substance Painter 1 installation and has survived all subsequent updates in Windows operating system?

Over 2 years later, and this problem still exists.  I've done everything you all mention here, and nothing seems to help.  They load in slow, which I can live with.  Yet sometimes, many of them don't even load at all.

Many improvements have been made on this topic: could you send us a bug report via substance Painter, so we can get more info about your system, please?

Double post, because it fits here too!!!!  >:(

It should be possible to create subfolders inside the respective category and only load them when clicking on it and not everything at once just because Substance Painter is to dump to separate these. I have to categorize wood, plastic, metal etc. anyway! However, it's senseless if substance is not capable of it! The dog is buried there. But nobody digs there. -.-

so stupid! And this in 2021!
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