Author Topic: New Export PSD, Import as well?  (Read 12941 times)

I didn't see a release changelog, but I would assume if you exported to PSD to make some change, you would probably want to be able to come back to working in Substance again at a later time.  Is that supported?

That's not possible.
The export to Photoshop is a translation, you can expect changes, differences or even unsupported data by Photoshop.
Re-importing is impossible because translating it back will produce even more errors. For example, substance filters (like a sharpen) can't be done as-is in Photoshop (we just flatten the layer), therefore reimporting it in Substance Painter doesn't make any sense.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Ah, figured maybe you saved some other data as well because I didn't see why people would want to use a destructive workflow and never be able to go back into substance.

Ok since you now part of Adobe can we please get an seamless Photoshop Integration? 

If only I could Import the PSD back into Substance as added Texture Layers to the Project that would be a huge timesaver.

I am really hoping for this too.  This has forced me to learn 3D Coat but I really like Substance Painter and was hoping it could roundtrip with Photoshop.