Author Topic: Revit to 3ds Max to Substance - Best Practice  (Read 1649 times)


I am looking to discover the ideal workflow to go from Revit to 3ds Max to Substance to Unity3d. My main problem is the workflow around Substance.

When I export part of a Revit model from 3ds Max, I want to have it all as one map despite the different materials. I also want to be able to quickly apply a materials to the different materials types.

For example, I would split the Revit model in 10 parts. I select one part with all the concrete, sidewalks and bricks, and export it as one piece to Substance. It's easy to replace these using the Texture Sets, but then I want to export them as a single map, not how they were separated as texture sets. I want one map for that one piece of geometry that has the concrete, sidewalks and bricks.

I have a feeling that I may missing some of the workflow from Substance Designer. It's a bit hard to wrap my head around the workflow because everybody else is using the software using a tottally different game workflow, instead of working with existing Revit assets in 3ds Max.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.