Author Topic: Substance Designer Freezes when opening .SBS files  (Read 1483 times)

Substance Designer is Freezing when I open some of my .SBS files. Some will work but others don't. I attached one of the substances that won't open anymore.


I tried to open the graph, it seems a dependency is missing (in this case it seems to be one of Rogelio custom filter from what I was :
The best thing is actually to put custom filters in a custom path (that you can "watch" in the Library), not the SD default one (packages).

We currently have a bug in SD 5.5.1 (already entered in our backlog, it will helpfully be fixed in the next update) which causes a crash when you double click on a "Ghost instance" node (the one with red links), but it shouldn't crash on open as it seems to happen in your case.

Can you please confirm me it's related to the bug mentioned above ? If so, can you send us a log file (C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\5\log.txt) ? Thanks
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Just to add a comment on this.

I had a graph open in designer, tabbed out to UE4, when i came back to designer a node had turned red and the graph was reporting a yellow triangle as if something was missing from the file. Usual behaviour if a texture or mesh had been moved. The strange thing was the node that had turned red was a simple normal invert that had turned into a ghost graph. Substance crashed as soon as I clicked in the graph.

Is that related?

I have the RO graphs installed and I'm still getting the same problem.
This is the screen it freezes on. Also here is the log file.

@aten.skinner : it seems we can't reproduce it on our side but it indeed sounds strange. Not sure what is related to this issue.

@265lutab : as everything seems ok on the graph side, it can be related to the 3D view, can you please try to remove SD 3D view preferences?
You can do it by typing "regedit", and deleting the "3D view" folder of Substance Designer (see screenshot attached).
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In case they have something to do with it here are the graphs that this project uses.

Also where do I type regedit? in terminal? I am on mac not PC.
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Here is a way to remove SD preferences on Mac:
- By going in: "/Users/<USER>/Library/Preferences" and deleting "com.allegorithmic.Substance Designer.plist"
- Directly in the terminal using "rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.allegorithmic.Substance\ Designer.plist" command
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