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I'm learning substance designer. I'm trying to repeat a shape is one direction a set number of times. Many of the substances I have do this, but the ones I've looked at seem to have that procedure in a locked instanced graph. I've experimented with the tiling filter and Transform 2D node. Can someone get me started in the right direction. I want to control the number of repeats with an integer. Thanks.

The easiest thing to do is drag an instance of what you want to edit into the packages panel, then create a copy of the particular graph you want to edit (from the locked graph CTRL+drag and drop into your package)... this copy will be unlocked and ready for you to edit however you like.

Do you mean drag just the instanced Node into the Explorer > User's Packages into a graph I've created? Or the .sbs file from the directory? I can bring it in from the directory but I still cant edit it.

BTW, i'm watching through your Substance Designer tutorials in VTC, really good!

Thanks for your time.

Thank-you  :)

Here are the steps (it's a bit more tedious than it used to be):

  • Find the generator you want to use (I'm assuming you are wanting to use one of the generators as a basis) in the shelf
  • Drag and drop this generator into the packages panel -- which will open the entire package that contains the generator you want
  • Navigate to the package sub-folder where the specific generator graph you want is located
  • Drag and drop (holding the CTRL key to create a copy) this graph into your own empty package
  • Now the graph will be in your package, and it is unlocked, so you can edit it as you wish (including any functions, which is what you will likely be wanting to edit)
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