Author Topic: How would one projection/stencil paint this example?  (Read 2532 times)

I am trying to get a handle on stencil painting in substance designer at the moment. As I find the control over the camera etc a bit to inexact, well according to my current knowledge of the software that is, I find it hard to do paint on stencils that overlaps radical changes of angle.

For example:
Lets say that we have a box. The box has rounded edges but still at some point the angles does change radically.
What we want to do here is paint on a text stencil that says something like NICEBOX.
- The NI is on the side of the box
- as the word continues over the edge with the C being centered upon the edge and the rest of the word continues on the top of the box.

If this was placed in real life as a decal we would just bend the decal over the surface.... but as there seems not to be any option to do this in substance painter.... how would YOU solve this issue?
I tried drawing the stencil in the fancy 2D view but nothing happened there only got a result when drawing the stencil on the object in the 3d view.
In the 3d view it is really hard to try and rotate and fit the full word around the box.... so well, any ideas?

See awesome iphone drawn instruction image below :)

And if you do not solve a thing like tis in the painter at the moment, where and how do you do it? New ways are always welcome.
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