Author Topic: Material Layering - working with materials with a certain flow direction  (Read 1000 times)

hi guys, is it possible to rotate UVs in game engine shaders?  if so, would it be possible to add this functionality to the material layering shader as well?

lets say you are working with wood material, you'd want the grain to flow a certain direction and it's impossible to visualize at the moment.  or maybe for these sort of materials it's best to just stick with the "old" workflow of authoring a unique texture set per asset?

Adding rotation in this case is a little tricky because the normal map colors need to be modified depending on the rotation angle and it makes the shader a little more complex, but we could add this feature later on.

what are my options as a workaround?   the only one I can think of is layout my UVs properly so the I get the right flow of direction.. any others?