Author Topic: Suede  (Read 1026 times)

Anyone got tips for creating a nice suede?

I am new to procedural shading (well... that's not entirely true, but I've never been very good at the creation part) and trying to really get my hands dirty.

I'm starting from a fractal sum base and gradient map built from a photo, but it's obviously just not enough.  I need more directionality, more shag and needs to be softer.  So far, nothing I have tried working in is getting me where I need to go.

Any thoughts, pointers or tips would be appreciated!

Don't think there should be much to it material wise, just some subtle noise in the albedo and roughness.
For it to look believable it probably takes some shader tricks. If you're using UE4 you could try the fuzzy shading option, otherwise you could try to play around with some fresnel settings.

So... maybe I'm overthinking it?

I need high detail, this is not for a gaming platform, more the hobbyist 3D art market.