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I'm starting to bake normal maps in substance for the first time. I built a proper cage, high poly, and low poly mesh. A lot of the map comes out great, but there are a few areas that behave very strangely.

For example, the hand bakes on the wrong side. The palm contains the detail that should be on the top. See the images for better explanation. Thank you!

This is my uv layout. no flipped faces, they would be shaded red.

As you can see below, the majority of detail baked as it should. The hands and the feet are either missing detail or baking improperly.

Lastly, below is a snap of my high res mesh. This detail should be transferred to the normal map.

I posted before about a problem with this same mesh. When I did a duplication in maya and transferred by -1 on the x. Even with proper normals in maya, the normals were displayed inverted in all other applications.

I found that if I flipped the normals in maya (though they are now backwards there) they display properly in substance painter. That was on both the feet, and the left hand.

Even if that is part of the problem, it doesn't explain why the right hand isn't baking correctly. Thanks!

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Okay, I have an update:

I managed to get the gloves to bake properly. There were remnants of a -z transformation in maya that I somehow missed. I recreated the cage to match up exactly with the low poly and did a freeze transform.

The boots are still not taking any of the bake details however. It's a problem with the weird normals bug I've been struggling with. For the mesh to be right-side out in substance, I have to flip the normals in maya, but that causes the boots to be ignored during the baking process. I don't know of a work around except for re-creating the boots from scratch.

This is a problem, because there's nothing I can do. I don't know where the hidden setting is in maya that causes the normals to behave opposite how they should when exporting. I've asked around all the forums I can think of and nobody else knows either.

Make sure that opposite is not enabled in the shape parameters of your boots. See my attachement.

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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