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So lately i was painting a little bit in SD and as i didnt want to change between th epen and my mouse all the time, i started working only with my pen.

in my explorer, when i want to open a substandce (click on the triangle) nothing happens. i can easily do that with my mouse though.
i can however open all the subsequent folders.
also, when i want to change the flags (for instance in the levels node, when i want to pull the levels with their respective triangles) i cannot select them. so i hover over the triangle, click with my mouse down and move my pen.

i dont have any other problems with my bamboo, so i guess its some SD bug?!

thanks for reading!

Thanks for the input.
Could you report it as a bug: Just click on Report a bug on the page and send the mail, it will automatically come into our bugtracker.

Head of Product Management

Unfortunatly i cannot, because it wants me to select a mailing program if i click on the button.
I have outlook on this computer, but i am at work right now (where i dont use sd, i dont want to get this confused up).
I would need to remember to do this tomight then. I hope it works with Thunderbird...

But maybe an online submitting form for the future would be nice.

Do you use your tablet in pen mode or mouse mode?

There's a known bug with Wacom tablets in mouse mode. It's not a bug on Allegorithmic's side, it's one of the common libs that many companies use.

Autodesk Maya created some kind of fix for Maya when I found the the same bug in their software.
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Good hint, unfortunatly i use it in pen mode...