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Where do you put the 30 Substance PBR at? There are two folders for brushes. Can someone help help with the correct path?

Oh! what is the MACOSX folder for and the difference?


You will find a Substance Folder inside "Documents" folder on Mac OSX. Put them in "Shelf / Brushes".

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I asked a same question in my forum as what trugb20 asked. It's about where do I put the 30 Substance PBR materials in folder?  I simply asked about this issues at,1294.0.html.

I recently bought 30 Substance PBR material including Substance Indie Pack last time but I couldn't found the link of the specific information about where and which folder I put it at for applying to Substance Painter or Substance Designer through google.

Take a look at screenshot below. I have 30 Substance PBR material files in my Window 7 pro system but I'm not sure which individual folders in SP or SD folder do I put 30 Substance PBR material directly to if you know what I mean. I'm not clear about this issues. For example I copy and paste group of bricks files directly to brush folder in SP folder if it's correct path or not. I don't want to put them in wrong folder at that place. I simply want to know where I put them in correct folder there that work properly through SP, that is all.

Nicolas Liatti, I wonder if you can send the specific link or type the specific information about this issues here to show clealy where we place 30 Substance PRB material files in individual folders of SP. We would appreciate that if you can do that for us, would you please?

Thank you



You should put all the files individually (not folders) in the Stencil folder of Substance Painter.
You will then see them in the Shelf in Painter when you restart it.

I answered on your other topic as well.

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I replied back you in other topic. I solved it.

Thanks for help.