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I work in Houdini and Nuke I'm trying to figure out the workflow if you are not working in a directly integrated package, e.g., Modo, Maya or Unity. For example, I think I can use BitMaptoMaterial to take an image, generate a bunch of channels which I use in Substance Designer to generate a material/substance right? After that I can use the substance/material in Substance Painter and go to town on the 3D model. So good so far. Then SP exports all the texture files and channels? (I can't check this as the demo doesn't export) which I can use to build a shader in Nuke or Houdini or whatever? We may adopt Modo but will definitely always have Nuke so I'm just checking to make sure there's no need to stick with a directly supported package like Modo. You just lose the parametric controls that the integrated packages get right?
Thanks for the help. I'm not a texture guy but may become one. SP is a blast, Kevin

Exactly, it will simply export standard textures like any other painting software.