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I've recently started a subscription to SD and SP Live, I've downloaded both packages on my laptop and installed them, but the licence won't activate in either case as it gives me an administrator access issue. I've tripled checked my admin rights, I've successfully installed a whole bunch of other 3D packages, but Substance products wouldn't work. I only got B2M to work so far but it's apparently not asking for a licence file.

I've attached screenshots showing the error messages. I'm running the apps in admin mode, have tried re-installing them with full admin rights but without any further success. Thanks for your help.

Bump up. I'm still investigating but haven't found a solution yet to that issue. Any help would still be greatly appreciated.


Can you try to put the license file by yourself in ProgramData/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter 2/license.key and ProgramData/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/5/license.key?

Also, can you let me know if it works when you chose Evaluate?

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Hi Nicolas. Thank you for your answer. I only saw it today as I was away. I'll try that as soon as I get a chance and I'll let you know if that makes it work. Cheers.

Hi Nicolas. I've done as you suggested and placed the licence files in c:ProgramData/Allegorithmic/ for both Painter and Designer.

Painter gives me the error as seen in the file attached. Designer simply states again that the installation of the licence failed and that I need to have admin permissions to run it.

I've tried on my desktop computer and the installation went smoothly although it's running Windows 7 not 10. I'd still need to have both packages to run on my laptop. Any other suggestion would be more than welcome. Thanks again for your help.

I also get and error message when trying to evaluate, stating again that I need to have admin clearance to activate it.
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Hi Nicolas. Any update on that situation? Thank you.