Author Topic: Designer to Maya  (Read 1268 times)

Can you guys point me to documentation about naming conventions for SD-> Maya workflow?
Also I have problem with maya recognizing input textures, i could use help with that
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Designer files I make and import into Maya give me random bars and or dont load.

I am using Designer 5.4 and Maya 2016.5.
I can set up the node network by using one of the built in substances but only substance I have made that has ever worked has been the SnowGround(attached) all the others I have made either have errors exporting (due to the fractal sum in Bruno_Cracks_generator off Sub Share). Some files are 0kb others just don't load but they work fine in substance painter 2.1 when I tried.

This is a pain and I could really use some help.

Also could you find a way that we don't have to re plug every file if we want to use a different shader such as a pxrDisney.