Author Topic: Need Procedural Texture to drive and connect to ALL maps  (Read 1609 times)

When I create a fill layer and connect a Texture to any map (Diffuse, Normal, Height, etc) that specific texture is incapable of being connected to other maps

This is frustrating seeing that something like an edited brick texture that I have change the parameters for, should drive all my other maps

I have tried creating a material from the texture and plugging it in that way but it does not work

Please help

If it's a material, you need to drag and drop it on the slot just above your current slot, where it says Material mode.

Right but it is not a material

It is a procedural texture from the shelf

I would like the same, edited procedural texture to be put into each map
My current work around is recreating the procedural texture and re-entering the changed parameters into each map
i.e. manually typing a changed parameter like "Brick offset: 0.5" into the metallic properties, roughness properties, height, normal, etc

It seems like the only options are:
1. Remaking the procedural texture for each map
2. Exporting the procedural texture as a map, reimporting the map, and then plugging it into your other channels (mettalic, roughness, height) which makes the texture uneditable by this point
3. Making it in substance designer
4. Or buying materials

Are these the only options? Seems like a pretty in demand feature to want 1 procedural to drive all your maps


There is a workaround: deactivate all the channels but one on your fill layer. Apply the texture to the remaining channel, and reactivate all the other channels, the procedural will be shared between all the channels.


This works!

Thank you so much!