Author Topic: How to export the trace I draw only if use clone tool with passthrough layer?  (Read 461 times)

Hi, I'm using substance painter 2.4 in my work, and sometimes I need to export PSD to
 give files to other artists who might not paint by SP.

Usually I fix seams by clone tool and passthrough layer, and when export PSD with plugin, the layer surely flattened.

Since the file might be edited by other artists in the future, I need to sort out the fixed place from flattened layer, PS is ok to deal it, but still a bit inconvenient.

Maybe it is able to export the trace I draw when use clone tool at passthrough layer? Like a normal paint layer, colored on painted place and transparent on other place? Or drawing both on layer and mask, so I could keep the place I painted?

Thank you for your help :)