Author Topic: Impossibly slow downloads  (Read 2244 times)

I want to download the latest Substance Painter but the download is incredibly slow, and only getting worse (between 6 and 20 hours, I feel like it's the 1990's again...).

I can't find any respectable-looking download mirror on google either... Any tips?

Ah, nevermind, things improved an hour later. Still, it would be nice to setup official download mirrors to deal with this kind of situation.

13 July 2017 - same issue now.

Nothing I do gets more than 200kb/s download from AWS.

Going to take 2-3 hours to download Substance Painter ffs.

You should make sure you are not using Gigabit on your modem. It seems it's causing troubles when it's enabled.

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I'm having issues downloading files.  It starts off quick, then after a minute it stops and says 'Failed - Network error'