Author Topic: General feature requests  (Read 2009 times)

Being able to merge layers down. - This would be huge, not just in functionality but also in performance... Once i reach 15 layers or so everything gets super chuggy, especially if i'm using a lot of masks as well. And my machine is no slouch either. i7 6700k, gtx980.
Being able to merge a mask directly into a layer. - see above.

Mirror mode offset. - Being able to offset the mirror plane would be so helpful when dealing with some meshes.

To improve performance, try putting layers you don't work on in a folder and collapse this folder.

It's not just about performance, it's also useful functionality. It would tie into the following (would also like to see these):
Use previous layer as mask - see photoshop for how this works, particularly useful for gradients.
An actual gradient filter... with a bar that you can add color points to, and then hand it a grayscale map to use to drive the sampling in the gradient. The current gradient tool is woefully bad.

And here's one of the most basic features i can think of:
If i have a folder selected, and i create a new paint/fill layer... it should be created INSIDE that folder.

Duplicating a layer that has filters attached, should also duplicate which channels the layer affects (for example, i duplicate a layer which has a filter affecting base color and opacity, but the new layer affects all channels).

Being able to import morph targets/blendshapes with fbx format lowpolies would be AMAZING.

for example:
i prefer to bake and start texturing a face with the eyes closed, and the mouth in a semi-closed position. But it would be really helpful to be able to blend to a different position (eyes open/mouth open) to be able to get to those harder to reach areas while texturing.

If i have a folder selected, and i create a new paint/fill layer... it should be created INSIDE that folder.

This would be useful, maybe can be implemented with a key modifier like shift + add layer: new layer will be created inside or below currently selected folder/layer.

Similar thing can be done to hide all selected layers/folders at once (and improve performance), currently seems like the only way is switching them on/off one by one.