Author Topic: Blender to Substance Painter [Normals Issue] [Packed BlenderFile]  (Read 5579 times)

Hi guys a quite basic SpaceShip shape with a test "High"Poly beveled and some smooth shading.

I just cant get the normals baked correctly on SP 2.

every time i get strange artifacts... can somebody please help???

am exporting from blender as FBX
am using default bake settings from SP

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Try reducing the max frontal and max rear distance settings in the global baking settings.

Tried but Failed... maybe errors are of lower intensity, but it wont bake HIGHERS or DEEPER Normals from HIGH POLY...
also when i use unchecked Average Normals, results get worst...

Take a look at the model please and try to bake it

tried with X Normal and results where better, even blender result where good enough. Although they didnt seem to fit correctly on SP when i imported them, but anyway SP Bake was the WORST!!! 

Tried an other model somewhat complex and SP BAKED it Almost Perfect. So i guess its Meshe's Fault? [mine]

You've got overlapping UV pieces, i guess you used smart UV unwrap? Lowering the angle limit to something around 40 should solve the problem.

In SP uncheck average normals (as you did) and lower the max frontal distance to 0,005 or even less, this will partially solve the artifacts where you got edges very "sharp" and near between each other. After that the normal map should be ok.

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thnx as i should go to work i will test it later and post!

But tried one last method " MESH EXPLODE" and it seems i got rid most nasty errors....

a big one stil occurs though, how the hell this is projected???? there is nowhere to found!!

Made a mirror of the mesh and unwraped it at 40 deegress with some island (0.2) just to be sure.

after that unchecked average normals and used Front 0.01 [lower result where cleaner but also the HighPoly Details started to Fade] with somewhat nice looking normals. Also BACK 0.02 to get some more detail, Also x8 Antialiasing. After that i must say the result was quite acceptable! :-)

Although the results where quite good, on some of my hard "edges" i got some a bit noisy beveling... , and also i dont know if when i put much detail, if with this setting will they be baked correctly...

Anyway i will post if i have any issues :-)

THANKS mik1190 :-)

with some island (0.2) just to be sure.

You're correct, forgot to write that also that is needed. Glad it helped :)