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I have a hard time understanding why my model looks different in Substance Designer compared to Painter. Maybe I'm missing something, so I'm looking for a tip on this.

So, I have a model I've textured in Painter. I've exported textures as bitmaps and imported them into Designer, then simply attached them to corresponding outputs.

First thing that confuses me is that the same environment with same settings (exposure, texture scale, etc.) produces much different shading result in Designer compared to Painter. For example, the "tomoco_studio" environment with exposure set to 0 (default) gives decent ammount of light for a model in Painter, but in Designer the same environment with default exposure (0) makes my model dull and dark. To make it look close to what I get in Painter, I have to set the Exposure to 3.

Now the fun part begins. If I increase the exposure in Designer like I wrote above, I start to get different lightning results compared to Painter, specifically in the ammount of specular highlights. This best illustrated by pictures I'm attaching to this post below - they're rendered by Iray, though using the regular viewport renderer results are comparable (in a sense that they're still different between Designer and Painter). They are in animated GIF format to allow better compareability - one with the environment shown and one with black background. Also I'm providing a shot from Designer with the same environment, but exposure being set to zero (default).

As it can be seen, top of the barrel is considerably brighter in Designer than in Painter, and the lighting itself looks noticeably different, though the environment settings, except the exposure as was stated above, is the same. My best guess would be that different exposure settings lead to this result, but this will mean that it is impossible to get identical renders in Designer and Painter, because environments can't be set to have the same effect on lighting.

Any thoughts on what (and if) I'm doing wrong? I'm a bit surprised that I can't get Designer and Painter to produce identical shading and rendering results.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Maybe you have post effects on your camera ? your result seems way too dark.

Can you try to disable the post effects on the camera in SD?

Also make sure you enable the ground the environment options in SD (when you use Iray) and set the environment mapping to "sphere with ground" to match the SP setup.
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Figured it out — I've used incorrect method of changing the environment map. Instead of dragging it into the 3D View from the library I'd added it to the graph and used "View in 3D View" menu option to display it as a Latitude/Longitude Panorama. Too bad there's no direct control in Designer over the environment map like in Painter - I'd prefer using some button-style option... Or is there?  :o