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i purchased your Beta to use it for Painting my 3d Modells i own 3d Coat but want a more painting only app.

Importing my own Meshes crash your App 8 Times from 10 times importing.
Hole Meshes can be normally Opened in modo , Blender , 3dCoat and Cheetah3d only my fresh purchased Painting App crashes mostly.

Today i get over 20 Times crashing your App, that is far far away from a Beta test that is a early very early Alpha Version.

Normally you must give me Money for finding Bugs (what is not a Problem the App is full of them) but not i give you Money for such a App.

If you are selling a Beta App a few things must be work, if it was a 3d painting App than as a minimum a import of 3d mesh should work .

I use now 3dcoat for my work again your App is not usable at this Time normally i await that you spend all your "Beta" testers a Professional license after this "Beta" Test.

You know Banana Software it coms green and goes to yellow and sweet at Home.

I hope that your Next update is more stable, in my eyes it was very infamy selling such a pice of Software.



Hi Andre,

There used to be crashes in the first alpha versions of Substance Painter when importing meshes without UV, but that was fixed and we were not warned about other problems up to your post.

Please send us a few of your assets which make Substance Painter crash and we will have a look.
By the way, when it crashes you can send us a report as well, so we are sure to get it.

Head of Product Management

I also had similar issues with some of my stuff.. but they were old stuff I did ages ago.. still I will have another look at them tonight to make sure everything is in order with them and if they still crash I will post them up here.

I do expect bugs as its a beta so I ahve no real issues with this I just fill otu the crash reports when its happens and send them off :)

It seems like some people don't full understand the concepts of early-access and Beta software. Certainly if this was final shipping code and crashes like the ones the original poster described were still happening, frustration would be warranted. But the part that irks me in these types of posts is when they don't realize they are getting the benefit of early-adopting for the cost of helping the devs iron out the kinks.

I personally prefer more mature software, mostly because I use them in a production environment.  I also require certain features that simply aren't in there yet, such as multi-material and designer linking (soon!). Believe me when I say though that I simply can't wait to get into it because the wait is almost unbearable at this point!

3 years later, after an Alpha and Beta and dousens of version .... Substance Painter by Allegorithmic is still buggy, is still crashing and still buggy.

This is not a problem of understanding wath a beta is, this more about understanding wath coding is. I've test pre alpha more stable than Painter 2017 after 4 years of "improvement" (in french improvement mean stacking new function, without debugging the old one). So next time before flaming like a little fanboys, from is mon basement. Take a step back, and be rationnal, Allegorithmic dont make stable software, and the only reason why it is so common, in the CG world.  It's only because, this is the only standalone software is this field ...
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I cannot confirm this. I'm using Painter professionally on (almost) a daily basis, and cannot remember a single crash in the last few weeks. Thats saying a lot, in contrast to that I am using XSI which crashes several times a day.

With that in mind, there might be other factors why Painter crashes on your system apart from 'buggy software' (which Painter most certainly isn't).

i use softwares of all kind at home and company, if you ask me,its pretty hard to get SP ever crashing or hanging up on you.
Its one of the most stable softwares i know.I use it daily in various versions (company and home licences)

Sorry for that man - i guess its your system or grafic card related?

Please don't bump threads that are that much old. I will lock it, there is not point to argue on bugs that were in a beta version 3 years ago.

If you have a specific issues, please open a dedicated thread in the support section.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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