Author Topic: Best unit setup "measurements" for Substance Painter  (Read 3064 times)


I have always created my meshes with cm as measurements unit within 3ds Max but always got very bad normal bakes on parts which are very small (bolts/hinges etc). I recently switched my measurements to mm which finally made my normals very sharp. The new problem is that when i export my mesh into a game engine i have to rescale the mesh.

I'm wondering which measurements setting people use for substance painter (and other software) to get sharp normal bakings.


we use meters in our game engine and modeling tools and the bakes come out very sharp.  Its not so much the size of the mesh that defines the "sharpness" of the bakes, but the image size of the bakes, the density of the high res. mesh, and the texel density of the UV in the low poly mesh.

Thank you, problem is fixxed!