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I am using SP with more fluency - after studying enough. But do I have a doubt that would like anybody to help me? 
Which the best form - manageable - exporting textures of SP to 3ds Max. I am not managing correctly.

Marcelo Baglione

Can anybody help me? I still didn't get to export the textures of SP correctly to 3ds Max. I put the maps in the correct channels, but everything is distorted. Exactly now that I got to understand the texturing logic in SP!

I don't get to export these textures to 3ds Max 2016! Help me, please![img width=1920
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Can you show your setup in 3dsmax and ho the result look like?

Dear Jeremie Noguer, hi. I am almost sure that I am wandering exactly in this point: the configuration of the textures; therefore, in the setup of the textures, in the channels, General Maps.

This - should have been in place from day 1 in my opinion. -

Pay this guy.. hes awesome!!!
He is starting support for udims as well in some of the ddc apps 

It automatically creates the shader network too!  

THANKS, I will test.

you forgot to export your spec or a reflection map ;-)
you have a base color and a difuse only plus normal and so on.

which renderer do you use? As for SP -it has a pretty good Export Preset for vray, except you have to
make a custom preset from it,as they messed arround with the normal export beeing openGl now instead directx.

This Normal mismatch came somewhere arround update 2.6 or so.

As for setting up a vray material you could attach a screenshot.

In our company we use a tool that creates Vray materials from those exported textures.Similar to the live link mentioned here.