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I have a model I created and it has several parts. I can't seem to import them all at once unless I export in one group. Is there a way to import multiple object separately in substance painter 2.0? When I do export them as one .obj it doesn't split them up properly. Any help would be much appreciated.

Greetings, and WELCOME to the forum.

I'm still quite a novice, but I think there's a reasonable chance I have the answer, or close enough to it.

In short, you cannot add multiple meshes to a single Painter session.  You have to open it up as one OBJ (or FBX).  That means you need to "assemble" your composition in a 3D modeling tool first.

Assign materials to as-needed to your mesh before exporting it.  Using color maps can be helpful, but I'm already getting out of my depth.

I did this for a simple test where I wanted a previously-modeled screw driver and pliers in a Painter project.  I had to go back to Blender and import the two items there, position them they way I wanted, and then export the OBJ.

This eventually motivated me to post a formal enhancement request here:

Here is my humble image.  I improved the image later.  At the time of those posts I was more interested in the "how" than the actual artistic quality.
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