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Hello everyone. I'm just thinking out loud here... as this may very well be impossible currently. So here is my question:  Is there a way to quickly stamp image (decal) that has PBR data and have that data apply through all channels of the texture sheet/model?

Hopefully that make sense: so here is the reason behind the question (might make more sense). I have dozens and dozens of ISS panels to model, unwrap and texture.  Needless to say there are a lot of common things like shaders, materials, and decals shared across all assets.  Sharing materials between models is easy, painter does that very well.  And adding details like labels, paint, and mission stickers adds a huge amount of realism to the panels as you can see in the first attachment.

The focus of my question isn't how to do it; I know that photoshop is up to the task. But importing all PBR exported textures from painter into photoshop only to re-export it again is very labor intensive.  It feels like an unnecessary second step, and inefficient. So the thought goes, why can't I get this done in painter?. Especially if the client modifies the color in substance or worse: the location of decals. Then photoshop files quickly become such a mess that sometimes it's easier to just rebuild it from scratch. And again, DOZENS of models here. So I'm trying to streamline by keeping it all to painter.

So coming in for the finish line: if I crafted a set of common stickers that had PBR data, is there a way to stamp them on stencil-style across a texture sheet and have the data move across all channels?

Any suggestions welcome!

Yes, you can create a material from your sticker, by selecting any premade material and replacing the slots for each channel with your sticker data, then right click in an empty part of the material parameters area > Save Material.

Then select the projection tool and your sticker material, and you should be good to go.

Controls for the projection are S+mouse buttons to scale, rotate and pan the sticker.

You can switch the view to orthographic and use Shift while rotating the view to snap to 90 degrees angles for better precision.
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That's great! Is there a tutorial that goes over something like that? What would I search for? Do I need designer to do that or is painter enough?


This will help I think...


Thanks again for all the help! worked like a charm!