Author Topic: New to SD: Seek for help about creating new pattern.  (Read 1448 times)

as a ne user I first like to say that SD seems to be extremely powerfull. I watched tutorials and tried example sbars. Definately impressive. In the past I used FilteForge3 but SD is a different beast.
To get a more detailed understanding I like to make a graph which I can use for a brushed metal effect. I know I could use the existing anistrophy examples or make my own based on existing noises. But I like the "brushed effect" to be more structured (and I thought you have to have a look into FX maps).
But right now I am unsure if I am on the right track at all.

I made examples in Illustrator showing what I am after (in the final result the "capsules should represent the individual scratches and must be much finer of course).
My main brain blocker is the "Quadrants Concept". As each new level devides the preceding one into four smaller parts, I can't create very long but very thin capsules at the same time. Furthermore: because I shrinked the capsules in Y direction (to make somehow thin but long) there is a lot of remaining empty space in each quadrant.
I admit, I am a little stuck and thinking now I am taking a completely false approach.
Can somebody kindly give me a hint? Maybe a link to a tutorial or description?
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Sometimes the answer is so near. I just discovered the "brick generator". Having a look through it, I assume it will take me just a few years to understand what it does and why ;-)