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Baking instanced meshes.

I have searched over the forum and havent find any topic about this, and although I have made some tests, is not fully clear to me.

I understand that when we have copies of a mesh, we need to keep just one uv island and move the rest to the same location+1... But what about instanced meshes?

Let's say I have a big surface with many small instanced meshes over it, and I need to export all of them because I need the AO they generate over the big surface.

As each instance will be named differently, lets say object_low, object_low.001, object_low.002, etc., do I need a corresponding high poly insance for each? Just one for the first?

Thanks in advance!

To bake a good AO, you would need high poly meshes for each of them, yes. They wouldn't be needed for a normal map bake, but for the AO you need these contact shadows on your main surface.

Thanks for the quick reply!

O.K. Got it: the highpoly will generate the AO, not the lowpoly, so all the pieces are necessary. But what about the normal map? So, for the nn, there will be no conflict among all the instances? Does SP recognize them as such?

SP will not recognize the instances but if you put the UVs of all of them but one outside of the [0,1] UV space (offset them by 1 on the right for example), they will be ignored for the normal map bake.

That's the point. You can't do that with instances, because are objects internally sharing the same mesh, and thus, the same uv position. If you move the uv island of one of them, you are moving the island of all of them.