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Would it be possible to include a Project Folder to Substance Painter?

I mean, a Folder where i find my imported textures, baked textures and other stuff.
It is redicules to search for my files between dozens of Nomalmap textures.

In Substance Painter 1 it where only 4 textures, but in Substance Painter 2 there are around 180 Textures.
It is hard and slows down the workflow to search for my importet and baked textures.

It would be nice to keep all my project files in one place.

Thanks for reading.


This is coming soon.

you can use tags like "project" or "session" and you'll only get the resulting textures relevant to these. I use this heaps.  the new filtering system is quite good!  I still prefer something like substance designer library UI.. but until then - with the tag filters you can work quite fast again!

Thanks for the Infos