Author Topic: Material Presets dissapear  (Read 633 times)

Hello everyone! I wanted to drop a quick line on an ongoing issue I've been having with Painter: all my added user materials disappear from my shelf after I restart Painter (version 1)

I love the use of user submitted material presets, which I frequently drop into my assets when I dont have the time to make my own from scratch. I simply drag and drop these materials onto the shelf and use them when the pop up. As I mentioned above, this is all fine until the next time I open painter and all those loaded materials are gone.

Is dropping them in this way impermanent by design? Is this like a plugins folder where I should be manually adding all these materials to a  folder somewhere for painter to access when it boots up? Any advice appreciated!


In Painter 1, dropping a material in the shelf adds it to the current project only. To add it to the shelf permanently, you'll have to copy the files directly in C:\Users\...\Documents\Substance Painter 2\shelf\materials\

Painter 2 solved this by giving you a choice when you drop the materials in the shelf.

I knew it!!! IVe been doing it wrong this whole time! Thanks Jeremie!! -Alberto