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i´m real new to this program and i would like to install the samples, to see in what way they are created.

and here is my problem:
when i see the "welcome to substance designer" screen, i choosed "learn" and "samples". and yes "i wanted to install samples".
than i opened "my documents " folder, there is existing an "substance"-folder, which contains "filters" and an "b2m-trial"- folder.

but there is no sample - folder...

what i´m doing wrong? where is the right destination to my sample-folder?

thanks for an answer  :)

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I am new to SD myself but was able to install the samples.
They went to
C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance\Designer\4.x\samples
I think I left everything at default while installing them.

hi wprivate,

thank you very much for your tipp
(i should have get the idea by myself....) ;)

i found the samples, and everything is fine  :)

i wish you an good time with sd!

greetz from