Author Topic: Proper Engine for Dungeon Crawler?  (Read 1767 times)


I am planning to do a dungeon crawler for my final study project. Something in the direction of "Legend of Grimrock" while using a modular workflow for my level. Since i am not a programmer but a game artist in training, i would like to hear your opinion about which engine would be of better use to me, UE4 or Unity 5.
I am planning to place objects , which i will sculpt in Zbrush into the scenes and sculpt the walls as well as normal maps.
Also if possible i'd like to use substance painter/designer during my workflow. My basic modeling tool would be 3dsmax 2016.

Mostly i am concerned about lightening and general quality. I am solely trying to create the visual aspect of a game, without actual game mechanics.

Since i am a beginner at both UE4 and unity i'd like to hear your suggestions.