Author Topic: Texturing a cave  (Read 1626 times)

I´m making a game in Unity and I have made a couple of caves that I now want to texture. I want to paint the whole thing in SP of course but how do I go about doing that? The best thing would be to paint it as one big mesh but I guess it will be terribly low-def then because the cave system is pretty big. So I´m thinking I have to cut the mesh into smaller corridors and paint them individually? And then piecing them back together in Unity.

But what about the seams between the pieces then? The texture won´t line up properly right?


You can cut the mesh into pieces or create a UDIM map and assign different materials for the pieces. That's what I normally do for my larger pieces.

But truthfully, its hard to make large items look good with substance painter compared to small. I really wish someone would come up with a way to fix texel density on huge UV maps without jumping through all the hoops. I often end up using the old tiling maps for large flat pieces just out of necessity of not adding so many extra materials and impacting performance.