Substance Painter Stops when baking ambient occlusion

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Hello support,

i am pretty angry on painter baking.
Randomly, when i am baking ambient occlusions from hires to lowres (on different meshes) process stops or (at better case) took annoyingly long time at ambient occlusion pass.
It comes totally random (no matter how big meshes are, how mapping is made). I got newest drivers, latest substance and this is reeeeeeeeeally annoying.
I.E. When i am baking 3mil obj to 1thousand lopoly, whole process can take 1 minute at 1024x1024 res and 2x2 samples. Then i am baking 0,2 mil hipoly on 1 hundred lopoly mesh, at same res and sampling and it took 5 or 6 minutes or stops completely on AO? what is wrong?

Can anyone help with this?

Ok- Update: I tried bake different hipoly on my nonfunctional bake and it worked.. then i tried reexport my previously non working hipoly and it worked too- couldnt it be caused by some cashing of painter or whatever?

Sincerely Michal Babjar
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The AO baker can take a bit of time depending of your meshes and baking settings.
I would suggest baking without anti-aliasing as a start if it's taking too long.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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