Author Topic: [B2M 2] Bug with Random Seed (and other bugs) inside 3ds Max  (Read 1879 times)

Changing the Random Seed for B2M 2 in 3ds Max doesn't work. It's been like this for a while. You change the seed and nothing changes in the material. This bug appears in all versions of Max I've tested (2014-2017) although there are times it might work randomly in later versions of Max (but I may be confusing the times it works with times I'm using B2M3 instead). Whether it's a bug in B2M or Max, it would be nice to get this fixed. I know that things like this usually get a finger pointed back and forth... but hopefully either Allegorithmic or AD can fix it; if it's an AD issue, it would be nice if Allegorithmic can encourage AD to fix it.

(There are some other UI issues in B2M. You cannot click the Metal From Diffuse Keying Spinner in B2M 3 inside Max. Instead, you have to select another UI element in the Metallic | Specular Rollout and start tabbing until you get it. That bug has been in B2M 3 in all versions of Max).

As I'm currently testing in Max 2014, I noticed that (at least in 2014) the Random Seed is also not working in B2M 3 either.

And in B2M 3, add Roughness From Color Keying MIN not being able to be selected in the UI in Max.

Hi, regarding the random seed, if you don't use the "Splat" make it tile method, you'll not notice the random seed change as there is no random variation by default.
That's maybe why you noticed the change at some points and not at others. Here is a gif from a test done in 3ds Max 2017.
Regarding UI issues it is unfortunately related to the 3ds Max native integration, we plan to do our own at some point, however -as you said- it's not something we can easily have control on but we indeed plan to do something on this side.
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Thanks for the info.

I just checked and you are correct. I had a whole collection of materials that I thought were using Splat/Random. Turns out that there were using either Offset/Edges Equinox. I'd made a script to make variations by making copies and changing the random seed and saw no changes.

Anyway, that is good news.

Any word yet on when Max will get the latest substance engine?

No ETA for now regarding the updater but -just so you know- we currently work on it.  :)

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