Author Topic: Allegorithmic featuring in my latest YouTube Development Video Series / Tutorial  (Read 2581 times)

Hi all,

I purchased Substance Designer 4 last week and absolutely love it, so much so I am now finishing my Unreal Engine 4 portfolio piece, in an aim to leave freelance and join a studio again, using Substance Designer 4 and Painter.

I have a development series on YouTube which started using the old Shader / texturing model but now I am texturing using Physical Based Rendering in UE4.

Video 5 showcasing the Substance workflow is here:

The full video Playlist is here:

Upload video 5 shows my workflow using Substance Designer and Painter to texture the first modular asset of a British Pub Interior based in the 80's era.

I give a shout out to Wez and his Friday morning, speedy texturing skills before GDC :)

I hope that's cool.

Once complete I will show you the fruits of my labour using Allegorithmic's products.


Richard "Pipes" Piper