Author Topic: Dynamic Dirt and Grime  (Read 2972 times)

Hey guys,

when I started with Substance Designer I thought the showcase area was a bit thin. Back then I was not really sure what other (beginners) were able to create with Substance Designer. Fast forward some months, I feel that I can now add something to the gallery.

I created a graph which allows to add dirt and grime that is generated from colored noise. It is dynamically applied to a base diffuse/albedo map masked by a world space normal map. In it's current state you can configure if you want the dirt accumulate from bottom or from top. This is done by selecting the correct color channel from the world space normal map (and inverting it in case of bottom up dirt).

It's definitely not something which is not already in the Substance Designer palette of nodes. But I made it myself by creating functions. I like SD so much because it gives you the flexibility to virtually do everything you can think of. Thanks Allegorithmic for creating this top notch product!

Download Substance:

Short 'tutorial' of what it does with more images: