Author Topic: Wierd seams from Blender mesh  (Read 1414 times)

Hello all, I need to make a pillar that looks like this. I did it in Blender, UV`ed it in 3DCoat and imported it as a OBJ in SubstancePainter as the mesh shows up smoothed when Im importing it as a FBX. Heres the issue:

Cycles render:

Heres what it looks like in SubsancePainter:

Heres the mesh, if anyone would like to look at it:

System: G550JK -12GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce 850 2GB

it's because what we call ngons in your mesh (faces with more than 5 edges) which can appear weird outside of your 3D app.
in Blender, just select all the faces and triangulate your mesh.