Author Topic: Strange error after baking maps  (Read 1830 times)

Greetings! I am a student for game arts & 3d animation. Recently i have been following a tutorial to create an AK47.
Everything went well, but when i tried to bake out texture maps with substance painter, the following deformations happened.

I hope somebody can tell me what i did wrong. I have attached screenshots showing the 3dsmax part, as well as the deformed parts after baking and the baking settings i have used in substance painter.

Thanks for you time!


Are you sure you have a high poly part that correspond to this low poly? It looks like no geometry was found to do the baking.

Yes i do. It has a chamfer modifier and then a turbosmooth modifier on top.

The chamfer according to the tutorial is used to create support edges for a properly working turbosmooth modifier.

Chamfer settings:
Quad Chamfer
Amount : 0.009
Segments : 1
Tension : 0
From Smoothing: unsmoothed edges

Did you check if this low poly piece is correctly placed in the UV map? It seems like we can see padding on it, which would indicate it's outside the [0,1] UV range.