Author Topic: Saving Particle Brush Settings?  (Read 3022 times)

I may be missing this somewhere, and my apologies if I am, but I have looked everywhere I can think of.  I've fine-tuned a particle brush to be very nearly just what I need for a particular project, and that project consists of several models I'll be working on over the course of a couple of days.  Is there any way I can save my current particle brush with all of its settings so I can re-use it over and over again?

Yes, simply right click anywhere in the Tool window and choose Save Brush, this will add your custom particle preset to the Particle Brush library.

It worked perfectly!!  You are a gem, thank you!!

Hi Jeremie,

To save the brush is ok but when i restart SP all by new brushes and materials disappear.
What i have to do to make them stick?

I think you may have to save the project. The library is only saved when you save a project (which should not be the case btw, we need to fix this).

Thanks Jeremie,
I found out the hard way, lol.
I placed most of my substances and a few alpha map only to discover they all disappeared.
Anyhow i found a way to save them i.e. by saving them in one saved asset and then opening it with the saved file and simply loading up a new Project Configuration and they were all intact